This originally homegrown hair salon, once known as New directions, has transitioned into its final stage now known as Salon 701. Ryan, owner and cosmetologist, raised in far north suburbs of Chicago, IL took on project “butterfly effect” early 2018. 

I walked into this not knowing a single thing about the business side of my industry, nor had I been doing hair for the last 3 years of living in Williston, but I figured what the heck why not. Swore up and down since Cosmo school that I would NEVER own my own salon, why would I want that head ache?

But, here I am! Learning something new everyday and growing as an individual and business. I strive to serve the public, my friends, and my family the best customer service, and dedication to what I do and love. My number one goal is to make a connection and accommodate with each guest so they can rely on me always feel welcomed back! I feel that does not go unnoticed, the first year and a half of business, I humbly received an award for “best of the bakken” and I’m so excited to continue to grow where I was planted!